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Self Mastery & Reiki Teacher Training 
(6 Week program) 

Healers, Lightworkers, and Coaches! Are you ready to take healing to the next Level?

This is the program we wanted to see in the world. The typical in-person Masterclass is 3 straight days of jam packed work. This one of a kind, comprehensive online program is taught over 6 weeks, and is extremely interactive, while also providing self-study time.

The Masterclass is 21 total hours of healing, ceremonies, journaling, connection, transformation, and learning how to become a true healing Master.

This is about recognizing that you are humbly ready and willing to be a mirror to your clients and students as you share the gift of Reiki to the world.

With this teacher level attunement comes another layer of cleansing and the ability to channel Reiki energy far more profoundly! During the course you will receive:

  • Weekly Zoom calls with the group + access to videos you can keep forever. 

  • Over 13 healing attunements and ceremonies to accelerate your own level of healing and expansion (for context Level I and Level II have 2 total)

  • Ignition of the Master Usui and Holy Fire symbol 

  • 6 weeks of healing and transformation

  • Working powerfully with Reiki, crystals & crystal grids to empower your sessions & the community as a whole

  • Learn powerful Reiki meditations to help establish your spirit and purpose

  • Learn how to perform Psychic surgery and receive Psychic surgery which is a powerful technique that enables you to remove energy blocks at a root level.

  • Learn advanced techniques to empower your Reiki practice and self-healing

  • Learn how to use the Crystal Grid

  • Receive powerful training, mentoring and guidance for creating your own Reiki and healing business.

  • Additional private mentoring & support through private Facebook group. 

Prerequisites: Completion of Reiki Level 1 & 2. Must have at least 5-6 months time between Level 2 & Masterclass.

By application only*

The "Apply" link will take you to our email, where you will let us know:

1. Why you feel ready for the Masterclass, and what you plan to do with your Certification.

2. Prove that you are eligible for the Master class. Let us know the date of our level 2 graduation!

3. Please attach a copy of your Level 2 Certificate if you did not take your Level 2 with us.

You will receive a response from us within 24 hours! Can't wait to hear from you. 


"I knew it would be beyond what I imagined, but this was way, way beyond. The feeling of such safety and support and love in the room the entire weekend is indescribable"

- Jana M. 

"I came in thinking i was just gonna learn things, but throughout the 3 days I understood very clearly that I was becoming a new, way better version of myself right then and there" - Jose 

"This incredible journey from level 1 to the Masterclass has been life changing and has broken me wide open. The love and true passion you show for this practice and for your students is undeniable. I am no longer numb to my feelings aimlessly walking through life. I allow myself to feel everything deeply and I am so so excited to see what's next!" - Marni





Just as you may have felt “called” to Reiki Level 1, you may feel the same way about the Masterclass. There is an inner knowing that one feels when they are ready to take their healing to the next level. 


Absolutely not! You will greatly benefit from this program if you choose to teach or not, and we will teach you the tools so you are set up to do that if you decide that you would like to teach. The cleansing ceremonies, and attunements are extremely powerful on their own. We recommend practicing Reiki on friends, family, or clients as it is very healing for you.


Absolutely. There is no space and time when it comes to energy. Energy travels at the speed of light across any distance, it transcends space and time. The same way we can send healings to our future, past and anyone, anywhere at any time. You can 100% receive all the energy form a Reiki attunement/placement/healing online that you would from an attunement in person. Energy is everywhere at the same time in the quantum field. Many people say distance healings and attunements are much more powerful than in person because we can connect more clearly and directly.



♡ The Luminaries, Giulia & Lex


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