Learn tools to heal yourself, and get back in touch with your intuitive gifts.

In this course you will get attuned to Reiki, become a channel for this healing energy, learn to give Reiki healing to yourself and anyone else for the rest of your life. You will begin to detoxify, and clear energy blocks that have been holding you back from your highest potential. At the end you will receive your Reiki Holy Fire III Certification so you can start practicing this tool on yourself, others, and animals!

  • Receive a deep cleansing experience to begin to eliminate old subconscious programming

  • Receive the attunement that enables you to channel Reiki energy 

  • Learn how to ground, clear & powerfully protect your energy 

  • Learn tools for empaths to create strong energetic boundaries 

  • Learn how to channel Reiki to heal yourself, others, and the planet

  • Healing practice to increase your confidence in channeling Reiki energy for yourself & others. 

  • Receive Reiki Holy Fire Level 1 Certification 

  • 21 day energy cleanse furthering your energetic detox 

This course will be delivered Live on Zoom over 2 half days. 

May 16th: 12-3:30PM (PST)

May 17th: 12-3:30PM (PST)

This course is Full. Stay tuned for next dates, coming soon!


$398 + GST


Can I receive attunements by distance? 

Absolutely. There is no space and time when it comes to energy. Energy travels at the speed of light across any distance, it transcends space and time. The same way we can send healings to our future, past and anyone, anywhere at any time. You can 100% receive all the energy form a Reiki attunement/placement/healing online that you would from an attunement in person. Energy is everywhere at the same time in the quantum field. Many people say distance healings and attunements are much more powerful than in person because we can connect more clearly and directly. 

How will we be receiving & practicing healings? 

You will be receiving and practicing healings using the distance symbol. You will receive the exact same amount of practice time and healing as you would in the in-person experience. We have found that most of our students have found the distance healings virtually both practicing and receiving to be much more powerful than in person. This is also an amazing opportunity to practice your distance healing power as the world is adapting to be an online focus. 

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